jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

En caso de que te lo perdiste, usted querrá ver esta asombrosa interpretación de punto Sagan azul pálido.

The Pale Blue Dot is, quite possibly, the most famous photo ever taken of the Earth. In 1990, Voyager 1 was hurtling past Saturn and traveling towards the vast expanse of interstellar space. The tiny spacecraft was some 3.7 billion miles from home. Before it left our little part of the cosmos, astronomer Carl Sagan requested that the spacecraft turn around and take a final photo of Earth. He didn’t want this image for research or scientific analysis. He wanted a reminder.
A reminder of our planet’s insignificance, of our own arrogant conceit, of the unique relationship that we share with this world…he wanted a reminder of what’s at stake.
The image that Voyager 1 captured inspired Sagan to write a passage in which he beautifully articulates everything that this photograph represents. Recently, Zen Pencils created a wonderful adaption of Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” for their 100th comic. Follow this link to see the full comic, and this link to watch a video where Sagan himself is reading the quote. It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is…

Our Place in the Cosmos: The Pale Blue Dot Reimagined